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Bar Soap Travel Pouch

Bar Soap Travel Pouch

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This light-weight pouch holds all soaps sold on Green Line including the shampoos, conditioners, face soaps, hand and body soaps. The travel pouches dry and wick moisture away from the bar soaps, which makes traveling with bar soaps super easy. 


Terry Cotton Interior, Cotton Exterior.

How to use

Place one (mostly) dry shampoo or conditioner into the pouch and then fasten the tie on top to close. This pouch dries and wicks moisture, which extends the bars life. It is custom made for HiBar shampoo and conditioners.

How to Store

Store in a dry place. Tucks away easily into luggage

How to Dispose

The packaging of the pouch can be recycled, while once the pouch has reached its end of life it must be thrown into the trash.

Why We Chose This Product

We chose this product because using solid shampoo/conditioner allows for easier travel than liquid soap that explodes in your bag. The pouch from HiBar allows you to easily travel with your shampoo and conditioner bars. These bars are also small and save space in your luggage.

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