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Dish Soap Tray

Dish Soap Tray

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This bamboo soap tray is made of sustainable materials and holds your solid soap while allowing it to dry.

It works perfectly for all your bar soaps , including the 'Solid Dish Soap'.


This is made of Moso bamboo, known as the giant bamboo or timber bamboo, has been used for centuries to fashion buildings, flooring and culinary tools. The young shoots are often prepared into Asian dishes.

How to use

Place any of your solid soaps, including your Solid Dish Soap, in the tray for daily use

How to Store

Place in an area where it can drain or elevate to keep out of standing water. It will need replacement with time. Each soap dish typically lasts several months but this will vary depending on your placement, if you allow it to sit in water and your climate and humidity.

How to Dispose

This tray can be composted ideally, but also can be throw in the trash because bamboo naturally biodegrades

Why We Chose This Product

We chose this tray because it does a great job of holding the soap while also letting the soap dry out between uses. It's also made of a beautiful material that elevates your kitchen and bathroom aesthetic

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